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Carolina Gomez-Stewart
Founder & Creative Director

Hi! I’m Carolina , founder of SevenSix Events and now your event planner, designer, stylist

basically the girl that does it all.

So who am I?

Im a feisty Latina, loving wife and a kick ass new mum to baby Santino, oh and I love to party and make things look pretty.


Design has always been a passion of mine working as a freelancer. One day a light bulb just flicked on and I thought to myself "hey I love to party, I love to plan parties people have a blast at our parties" and that’s when

I decided to combine both my passion of

design and events.

SevenSix was born.

Design and Events are a  match made in heaven. Here at SevenSix, we cater to all your needs whether it be planning or styling your event,  creating invitations and logos and much more.

Recently our popular items of  "The Selfie Frame" and "Welcome signs" have been a hit.

We do it all and without breaking the bank so if you have an enquiry, send it through!


Being a part of amazing and memorable moments is truly what is special to us. We look forward to making memorable moments and working with you.  

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